Namaste, just a quick note to update you on the recent unfolding of Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the continually changing situation we find ourselves in.
To help us navigate through this in the best possible way, please always feel free to let us know your thoughts, ideas and any feedback, regarding in person or zoom classes.

Firstly, masks will need to be worn at yoga. The rules, however, do stipulate for strenuous exercise, masks are not required. So, before the class starts, ensure you are wearing your mask. Once the class starts and you are on your mat, wear your mask as much as you can. If however,  you have discomfort or difficulty breathing, then pull your mask down from your nose if you need to. Ensure masks are fully on when exiting your mat.

As instructors, we will wear our masks prior to the class, but will remove them for teaching, so that we can be heard clearly, which is in the guidelines.

Vaccination passports
As you have probably heard, as of the 31st of January, proof of vaccination will be required to for you to participate in yoga. We are still waiting on further information as to how we have to comply with this and will provide more details in a week or so.

If you are uncomfortable with mask wearing, are unvaccinated or feel unwell, then zoom classes are a great option. If you still haven’t tried the zoom classes and need help, let us know and we will help you as best we can.

We send out the zoom links each week on Sunday or Monday. If you don’t receive them, check your junk folder first, then please contact us ASAP. If you are new to zoom, you will need to send us your email address when you pay for classes.

Cost is $20per class or $48 if you want to pay for all three. Zoom-only $39 for three weeks or $15 one week.

There is no need to book, you can just turn up.
See times and locations below:

North Beach: Monday night 6.30-7:45pm – 17th & 24th of January
North Beach: Tuesday morning 9.30-10:45am – 18th & 25th of January
Churchlands: Tuesday night 7-8.15pm – 18th & 25th of January
South Perth: Wednesday morning 9.30-10:45am – 19th & 26th of January
South Perth: Wednesday evening 7-8.15pm – 19th & 26th of January
Mt Hawthorn: Thursday morning 9.30-10:45am – 20th & 27th of January
Scarborough: No classes running in the holidays

For all venue locations click here

Term 1 2021: Monday the 31st of January through to
Thursday the 7th of April (10 weeks).
Full term (10 weeks) $160  First class $19  Casual $22  Second class $10  Zoom term $130 Casual zoom $15