Quentin – be in your body yoga 

Quentin – awareness meditation

Bhumi shoulders class 

Bhumi long deep relaxation 

 Bhumi balance & strength class       Bhumi heart breathing meditation 

Quentin – All round class                    Quentin – Bilateral body scan 

Bhumi lower back                                  Bhumi circular breathing meditation 

Quentin class 9a                                   Quentin class 9b 

Bhumi 50 min general class.                Bhumi hum-sa meditation 

Quentin class 8a                                   Quentin class 8b 

Bhumi legs and lower back                  Bhumi noticing and accepting meditation 

Quentin class 7a                                     Quentin class 7b 

Bhumi glute class                                    Bhumi body space & breath 

Quentin 6a                                               Quentin 6b 

Quentin class 5a                                     Quentin class 5b yoga and meditation 

Bhumi 40 minute insomnia class           Bhumi breathing awareness meditation 

Quentin class 4 a) start standing           Quentin  class 4 b) yoga + meditation 

Bhumi hips & lower back                           Bhumi yoga nidra 1  

 Bhumi smiling yoga class                          Bhumi smiling meditation 

Quentin yoga class 3 part a                     Quentin yoga class 3 part b with meditation 

Bhumi balance yoga class                         Bhumi brain balancing meditation 

Quentin yoga class 2 part a                      Quentin yoga class 2 part b with meditation 

Bhumi core strengthening                          Bhumi breathing meditation 

Quentin whole body release                      Quentin 27 minutes relaxation  

Bhumi loving kindness meditation