Bhumi Loosening and strengthening the hips and lower back


Bhumi relaxing & rebalancing class


Bhumi metta meditation for anxiety   Bhumi strengthening class


Quentin-Yoga Time                               Quentin-time to be meditation.


Bhumi’s adrenals and thyroid class   Bhumi’s body breath and metta meditation


Quentin -Spring Yoga                         Quentin-relax into space meditation


Bhumi Golden Egg Meditation           Bhumi Spine and Nervous System Class


Quentin – Open gratitude meditation          Quentin – Yoga stretch


Bhumi – Sciatic class                        Bhumi – Body and space meditation 


Quentin- yoga class                        Quentin- mindfulness meditation


Bhumi core hips and lower back      Bhumi hormonal and nervous system rebalancing meditation


Quentin Strengthening class          Quentin Coming home to this moment breathing meditation


Bhumi heart class                              Bhumi friendliness meditation


Quentin back and standing             Quentin paying attention on purpose meditation


Bhumi breath class                             Bhumi breathing meditation


Quentin – be in your body yoga        Quentin – awareness meditation


Bhumi shoulders class                        Bhumi long deep relaxation 


 Bhumi balance & strength class       Bhumi heart breathing meditation 


Quentin – All round class                    Quentin – Bilateral body scan 


Bhumi lower back                                  Bhumi circular breathing meditation 


Quentin class 9a                                   Quentin class 9b 


Bhumi 50 min general class.                Bhumi hum-sa meditation 


Quentin class 8a                                   Quentin class 8b 


Bhumi legs and lower back                  Bhumi noticing and accepting meditation 


Quentin class 7a                                     Quentin class 7b 


Bhumi glute class                                    Bhumi body space & breath 


Quentin 6a                                               Quentin 6b 


Quentin class 5a                                     Quentin class 5b yoga and meditation 


Bhumi 40 minute insomnia class           Bhumi breathing awareness meditation 


Quentin class 4 a) start standing           Quentin  class 4 b) yoga + meditation 


Bhumi hips & lower back                           Bhumi yoga nidra 1  


 Bhumi smiling yoga class                          Bhumi smiling meditation 


Quentin yoga class 3 part a                     Quentin yoga class 3 part b with meditation 


Bhumi balance yoga class                         Bhumi brain balancing meditation 


Quentin yoga class 2 part a                      Quentin yoga class 2 part b with meditation 


Bhumi core strengthening                          Bhumi breathing meditation 


Quentin whole body release                      Quentin 27 minutes relaxation  


Bhumi loving kindness meditation