Winter Term – Welcome back to yoga. Classes start next week, beginning Monday the 18th of July.

We are all recovered from Covid and ready to teach again. Thank you for all the lovely messages. We are sorry we had to cancel the last week of term. Remember if you were unable to catch up the class with zoom or audio then you can credit the class for this term, so your term fee’s will be $153.

Term 3: Monday the 18th July to Thursday the 22nd of September (10 weeks)
Full term (10 weeks) $170  First class $20  Casual $23  Second class $10 Part term $20 times number of weeks
Zoom term $150 Casual zoom $17

If you attend in-person classes you automatically go on the zoom list, so you can either do make-up classes or extra classes via zoom at no extra cost. If you aren’t receiving the zoom links each Sunday and would like to, please let us know. Because the zoom links are sent out as a group email, they are often sent to the junk/spam folder, so check in there each week.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.
Take care  Quentin (0437639999) and Bhumi (0448476885)

From  Disjecta Membra

Take a loose rein and a deep seat,
John, my father-in-law, would say
To someone starting out on a long journey,
meaning take it easy,
Relax, let what’s taking you take you.
I think of landscape incessantly,
Mountains and rivers, lost lakes
Where sunsets festoon and override,
The scald of summer wheat fields,
light licked and poppy-smeared.
Sunlight surrounds me and winter birds
doodle and peck in the dead grass.
I’m emptied, ready to go. Again
I tell myself what I’ve told myself for
almost thirty years-
Listen to John, do what the clouds do.