Thank you for your presence for another term of yoga. Term 2 will end on Thursday the 30th of June. We will have the usual 2 week break over the school holidays and recommence on Monday the 18th of July.
Fee increase
We have made the decision to increase the class fees. For in person classes by one dollar and zoom classes by two dollars – with more people on zoom, yet same hall costs we felt it necessary. We are sorry to increase the fees as we know everything is going up at the moment. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying for yoga, please let us know and we are very happy to support you with reduced fees.Term 3: Monday the 18th July to Thursday the 22nd of September (10 weeks)
Full term (10 weeks) $170  First class $20  Casual $23  Second class $10

Part term $20 times number of weeks Zoom term $150 Casual zoom $17

If you attend in-person classes you automatically go on the zoom list, so you can either do make-up classes or extra classes via zoom at no extra cost. If you aren’t receiving the zoom links each Sunday and would like to, please let us know. Because the zoom links are sent out as a group email, they are often sent to the junk/spam folder, so check in there each week.

New Audio on the website
Bhumi has recorded a new audio class, called “Healthy Body Class” and it is up on the website. All audio yoga classes and meditations are available on the website as a free download and are a great way to catch up on missed classes or do extra classes each week if you want to.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to help.
Take care

Quentin (0437639999) and Bhumi (0448476885)

Please enjoy the poem

I am the wind upon the sea
I am the wave upon the land
I am the roar of the ocean
I am the stag of seven combats
I am the hawk on the cliff
I am the tear-drop of the sun
I am the fairest of the flowers
I am the boar of valour
I am the salmon in the pool
I am the lake upon the plain
I am the skill of the arts
I am the spear that wages battle for plunder
I am the god who shapes fire from the head
Who explains the stones set upon the mountain?
Who invokes the ages of the moon?
Who knows where lies the setting of the sun?

The Song of Amergin
Amergin Glúingel