Thank you for attending this term of yoga, we love coming to class each week to teach yoga to so many wonderful and kind people.The seasons are changing and as we move into the cooler month’s, it’s a good idea to bring a jumper or a blanket for the relaxation.

This term ends on Thursday the 1st of April. We will then break for two weeks over the school holidays.

 Term 2 is an 11 week term.
Monday the 19th of April through to 
Thursday the 1st of July.

Prices are the same, but just adjusted for the extra week.

Full term (11weeks) $176  Zoom Yoga $143
First class $19  Casual $22 
Second class $10

Zoom yoga

As usual all the classes will be live-streamed via zoom, so if you prefer to participate that way you can. Remember that if you attend our in-person classes, you can do any zoom class at no extra cost, so it’s a fantastic way to do an extra class each week if you want to or a great way to do a make-up class if you miss your regular class.
If zoom is not your thing, remember that there are many audio yoga classes on our website that you could practice. You can follow this link to access them from our website.
Please remember that if you feel unwell, attend your class via zoom.

New Audio class by Bhumi has been posted on the website
See link below or go to the website
Bhumi flow yoga

Letting go in order to let in
Releasing in order to receive
Nature’s coded message becomes clearer the less we try to see.
Trying hard
Trying harder and harder
Trying so hard is not the way.
We need commitment, yes and concentration
And hope and faith and trust
But most of all we need ease
A discipline of ease
Not trying too hard at all.

You see ‘trying hard’ has a cell-mate called giving up, admitting defeat
Like black and white
Like pushing and pulling
No peace there.

Not yet you say, I’m not ready yet
To take the step beyond
I know, I’ve stepped so slow myself, still do
But love, sweet sister, like death comes in a moment’s heartbeat
Then goes
There are no ways to hold
Except letting go
And letting it be a part of you
And you of it.

~ Stewart W. Mercer, 1991