Namaste! This weeks yoga and meditations are now posted on the website.

Some of you have been asking when classes will be starting back up, with restrictions in the state easing. Unfortunately, we still can’t run face to face classes as government restrictions still don’t allow it and our halls won’t allow us either. But as soon as we can and we feel that the situation is safe we will start classes again, although it most likely will not be until at least July and even then we may have to restrict class numbers and practice social distancing.

Zoom classes
Sorry we are being a bit slow with the zoom yoga classes, but we have had some difficulty sourcing equipment. Now we have the equipment we just need to practice, so we should have the classes running for next week for those who are interested. We will send out details soon.

For people who don’t want to participate, the audio’s will remain on our website and we will add new classes and meditations regularly.

This week 4 new audios tracks have been added.
Bhumi’s class is called “legs and lower back” and the
meditation is “noticing accepting meditation”.
Quentin’s class is 7a  and 7b.

To listen and download for free please click the following link

To download onto your computer, firstly click the above link and then right click on the play arrow and choose the “save audio as” option. From there you can transfer to any device so you can listen in a relaxed environment.

We hope you enjoy the audio classes and please share them with anyone who you think may benefit.

That Substance You Taste

The sky-wheel turns us into dawn
and fills creation again with color.

Let it be our weakness, this thirst-love
for the world, the sun coming up
like red-gold poured!

The potter’s wheel moves,
and shapes change quickly.

Let the jar I am becoming
turn to a wine cup.
Fill me with your love
for being awake.

I’m no hypocrite renunciate.
Call me this delicious substance
you taste when you create new beauty

Be strong, Hafiz!
Work here inside time,
where we fail, catch hold
again, and climb.