Please enjoy this weeks yoga class and meditation/relaxation.
We are really pleased to hear that so many are practising yoga at home, even doing the classes more than once a week and practising with others whilst isolating at home. At least for some, this pandemic has allowed more time for self care.

Remember to listen to your body and not push into pain or discomfort. Success in yoga isn’t about pushing your body further, but rather learning to move wisely and in a way that benefits your body.

The meditations can be listened to after the yoga routine or whenever you have free time and want to de-stress or you can use them to help you sleep at night.

The audio’s can be found on the website on a page called Yoga Audios so
that each week we will add new tracks to the list of previous offerings.

This week 4 new audios tracks have been added.
Bhumi’s class is in two parts. The first track is called “Bhumi hips & lower back ” and “Bhumi yoga nidra 1” is the relaxation.
Quentin’s class has 2 parts which should be played consecutively. These are titled “Quentin class 4 a) start standing ” and the second track “Quentin class 4 b) yoga plus meditation”.

To listen and download for free please click the following link

To download onto your computer, firstly click the above link and then right click on the play arrow and choose the “save audio as” option. From there you can transfer to any device so you can listen in a relaxed environment.

We hope you enjoy the audio classes and please share them with anyone who you think may benefit.

I close my eyes and sigh, and here I am
Lying in the hammock of my heart
moving gently with the soft air of my breath
When I fall from my head past my words
I’m caught lovingly
by the hammock of my heart
and rocked to its rhythmic beat

It is my peace, my rest, my quiet
cradled in the hammock of my heart
It is constant, it is safe
to be held in the hammock of my heart

No place to go
Nothing to do
Nobody to please

It is my altar, my blessing, my balm
here in the hammock of my heart

Jane Pujji