Term 3 is coming to an end, with only two more weeks to go. The term finishes on Thursday the 24th of September and then we have a two week break over the school holidays.

Term 4 starts Monday the 12th of October and runs until Thursday the 17th of December and is a 10 week term.

Full term (10 weeks) $160  First class $19  Casual $22  Second class $10

 Remember all classes are live-streamed on zoom, so you can catch up on any missed classes or even do extra classes each week if you wish to (the cost is included in your term fees). If you have paid for the term and aren’t receiving the zoom links each week, but would like to, then please email us and we will put you on the list.

There are still spaces in some classes if you would like to attend, but please e-mail or ring first to book in.


Please enjoy the new audio’s from Bhumi,  available on the web-site or click the links below.

Bhumi’s adrenals and thyroid class

Bhumi’s body breath and metta meditation

The Lame Goat

You’ve seen a herd of goats
going down to the water.

The lame and dreamy goat
brings up the rear.

There are worried faces about that one,
but now they’re laughing,

Because look, as they return,
that goat is leading!

There are many kinds of different knowing.
The lame goat’s kind is a branch
that traces back to the roots of presence.

Learn about that lame goat,
and lead the herd home.