The year is coming to an end and we wish you a happy
and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Term 4 finishes on Thursday the 16th of December. We will then have a break over Christmas and New Year. The January holiday classes will commence on the 10th of January for three weeks which will lead into term 1.

Term 1 2022: Monday the 31st of January through to
Thursday the 7th of April (10 weeks).
Full term (10 weeks) $160  First class $19  Casual $22  Second class $10  Zoom term $130 Casual zoom $15

Holiday Classes in January 2022
Holiday classes run for three weeks. All classes will be live-streamed on zoom, so if you are away you may be able to participate that way. See the holiday timetable below. Remember, whenever you pay for live-classes you can do as many zoom classes as you like for no extra cost.

Cost is $20per class or $48 if you want to pay for all three. Zoom-only $39 for three weeks or $15 one week.

There is no need to book, you can just turn up.
See times and locations below:

North Beach: Monday night 6.30-7:45pm – 10th,17th & 24th of January
North Beach: Tuesday morning 9.30-10:45am – 11th,18th & 25th of January
Churchlands: Tuesday night 7-8.15pm – 11th, 18th & 25th of January
South Perth: Wednesday morning 9.30-10:45am – 12th,19th & 26th of January
South Perth: Wednesday evening 7-8.15pm – 12th,19th & 26th of January
Mt Hawthorn: Thursday morning 9.30-10:45am – 13th,20th & 27th of January
Scarborough: No classes running in the holidays

New Audio class from Bhumi

A new audio class by Bhumi has been posted on the website. See the link below or go to the website. All of our other audio classes are still on the site and are a great resource if you wish to practice at home, especially over the Christmas break.

 Bhumi lymphatic system class

Metta Meditation

We have had a request for the “metta” phrases we sometimes use in our meditations to be put in the newsletter, so that if you wish to practice them at home you can. These are simple phrases, which you can silently repeat to yourself, to incline your mind and rewire your brain towards kindness and friendliness – for yourself and others. The cultivation of kindness helps you to deal with stress and anxiety and is the bedrock to a happier life:

May I be safe and protected
May I be at peace
May I live in this world with kindness and ease

Repeat the phrases 3 times when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep at night.