Namaste Everyone, we are so sorry to bother you again with further updates, but we have just been informed again of changes to our venues, which is very frustrating for us.

Churchlands –Tonight’s Churchlands class will not be running live classes, due to power failure in the hall – we have contacted as many students as we can personally to let them know, but if we missed somebody, hopefully you will get this email in time. The class will be live-streamed on zoom.

Scarborough-The Scarborough class on Thursday night has also been cancelled because we can’t use the venue, again this will be live-streamed.

All other classes are going ahead, in person and on zoom. These are: South Perth Wednesday morning and evening and Mt Hawthorn Thursday morning.In regards to the South Perth morning class, enough people have said they are coming on zoom, so we are safely in the 20 person limit, so feel free to turn up there.

Hopefully this will be the last email you get until we have news on next week’s unfolding.Thank you for your patience and kind words of support.

Take Care

Kind Regards

Quentin and Bhumi