Body Mind Yoga teaches a gentle and respectful form of yoga that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Welcome to Body Mind Yoga Perth

At Body Mind Yoga we help with:

  • Flexibility
  • Good posture
  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing

Quentin and Bhumi have been teaching yoga in Perth for the last 17 years and run public, private and corporate classes.

At Body Mind Yoga we teach gentle yoga and core strengthening exercises combined with conscious breathing, relaxation exercises and meditation. Through this we aim to strengthen, stretch and release the muscles and joints, reducing neck and back pain, creating greater freedom of movement, improving posture and reducing stress and anxiety.

When stress and tension are released from the body and mind then a sense of well being and relaxation can be experienced. One can become present to the joy inherent in everyday life, whilst also being more able to cope with the stresses that life invariably brings our way. Many of our students report that yoga has also helped them with insomnia, weight loss, hormonal balancing, fatigue, sciatica and arthritis.

The general format of the classes is to start with gentle warm up exercises for the neck, shoulders, hips and lower back. Then we move into some stronger stretches and core strengthening exercises (toning the abdominals, pelvic floor and gluteals). Once students are familiar with the movements, we encourage them to combine conscious breathing with the postures. We then do 5 minutes  breathing practice to prepare the mind for meditation before finishing with a 10 minute relaxation/meditation – which is where the benefits of the classes are integrated into the whole body mind system and deep seated tensions are released and resolved.

Because the classes are gentle and students are encouraged to work at their own pace, listen to their own bodies and to choose the options that suit them (rather than feeling like they have to keep up with everyone else), the classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. We believe that yoga is about learning to become aware of your body and mind and finding ways of moving that feel good for your body. So rather than focusing on how far you are going, it’s what posture feels like that really matters. At body Mind Yoga we encourage you to respect your limits and to take care of your body.

How you relate to yourself is the key. Freedom comes from being in alignment with the moment as you experience it – not as you wish to be, but how it actually is. Through mindfulness, meditation arises and relaxation and balance come naturally when you are not fighting your experience.

Body Mind Yoga Perth

Where and When

You can join Body Mind Yoga Perth at various locations around Perth, Western Australia. Click to view details and find your nearest location and available times.

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